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Chores A Must~Age Appropriate

Ahhh CHORES!!!

Chore Charts~Do you have one yet? If not it’s a must! We had so many over the years, will post some later.

Consistency~Once you begin, there’s no going back. Most kids can’t wait to start being “Big Kids, The Helpers” however as they get older and recognize these as actual chores they don’t love them as much. It’s your responsibility to ensure they continue their responsibilities and that not doing them is not an actual option.

Each person should be responsible for picking up after themselves. Just because it’s Mary Lou’s day for picking up the living room and dish duty, does not give Sam & Tommy the right to eat Fruit Loops and leave their bowls on the coffee table and vice versa.

Working Together as a family is major.

It’s all a matter of teaching them responsibility and values that they will take with them as they grow as well as a deeper respect living with others.

Praise of a job well done, when they’re small even if they didn’t really do that great. Praise them and either fix it later or kindly say this is great I wanted to just go over this area one more time, let’s do it together!😉

Being rewarded for chores is up to the parent, not all agree on that one and that’s an entirely different topic. ┬áIt’s a matter of personal preference. Here are a few links that have more info regarding Famiy chores and age appropriate chores. Also a couple sample chore charts that can also be printed…more to come

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