MUST READ! Hold on eligibility!

Ok, it’s really not fair that we have had to continue asking for prize pics to be shared nor do we not want to post about them any longer. Badgering or begging people to follow rules is not what we started doing this for. On another note, we also can no longer be as lenient as we have been. Our request for the pic is such a simple one and also very common among other pages that run giveaways, we are definitely not asking for too much at all. We ENJOY giving things away, we enjoy seeing them also it is showing others that we DO send them! With that being said we are posting this to notify everyone that we have been forced to begin running things a bit differently.

We refuse to put a hold on or stop our giveaways as that’s not fair to those who have followed through, the ones who have yet to win and probably very willing to share when they do. It’s definitely not fair to us!

We know life happens, things get in the way, FB isn’t everything yada yada, we know this because we have lives too…surpriseee yes, we are humans with lives off of FB! Once again a post about prize pics is taking away from mine. We have not wanted to DQ anyone which in a way we feel is why our leniency to this rule has/is being taken advantage of.

We have decided, there will now be a “Hold” placed on future eligibility. Please note: This is different than a DQ as it does not make any fan ineligible indefinitely but rather ineligible temporarily until they share their pic so we can mark them as complete.🙌🏻

When will a hold take effect?
A hold will take effect once we know a prize has been delivered for a few days and will remain in effect until it has been shared with us.

How long will the Hold last?
The time frame of a Hold is up to winners. Keep in mind if you’ve won and are sharing upon receipt, you’ll most likely never have a hold put on you in the first place.

I haven’t gotten my prize yet, do I have a Hold? NO! This applies to delivered prizes.

I shared mine, I don’t have a hold do I? NO! If you shared, you were also marked as ✨complete✨ as soon as we shared your prize pic so this does not apply. Keep it up, we appreciate it!

How do you keep track?
We keep a private, internal list of all winners and within that list every step from announcing a winner to pic share is kept track of, it goes like this…

Name/Date/Prize won…
Prize Ordered✔️
Prize Delivered✔️
Pic shared to Baby Krazed✔️

Unfortunately, we have WAY too many Incomplete 🙅🏻

This will result in…
❌HOLD❌ Being placed until photos shared….

Eligibility in our giveaways is and always has been determined by you.

A “Hold” can be changed to “DQ’d” if the photo is never shared or time lapses. We cannot force anyone to share the things we took time, effort and our own money to get to them but we can ensure we don’t do it again.

Plain and simple, take a few seconds to share your prize pics avoid a ❌HOLD❌.

There will be no more reminders.

Thank you!
Much love from Baby Krazed💞

In case you want to read them again or if you haven’t read them at all yet, here is a link to our GIVEAWAY RULES


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  1. I totally agree, if they have the time to try and win more prizes than they definitely have the time to post a pic of their prize they received! Thank you Baby Krazed for being so kind to us all!

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