2016 Winners List






*Also see-> Winners List 2017


Wall Decal PK 12/10 Michelle Casey-Claimed

RR $10 Amazon GC PK-12/7 Stephanie Foy Carroll-Received

RR $10 Amazon GC JK-12/7 Cyndi Franze-Received

Adult Mystery Prize Allison Andreoli-Recieved

Cute Knit Hats Just Krazed
Liz Teix-Claimed

Cute Theme Bags 12/17
Krissy Leigh-Claimed

7 Chakras Set 12/10 Positively Krazed
Shelly Stonestreet Simpson-Claimed

Elf On Shelf-Just Krazed 11/9
Lindsay Lama Gilbert-Prize Pic

Elf On Shelf-Baby Krazed 11/9
Jennifer Minton-Prize Pic

Crown Rings Just Krazed 11/8
Misty Simpson-Prize Pic

Knit Headbands 11/10
Stephanie MacDonald-Claimed

Vit C/E Face Serum 11/11
Pat Wyn-HOLD

Adult Mystery Prize Just Krazed 11/11
Dani Dee-Claimed

Adult Mystery Prize Just Krazed 11/9
Pamela Deuso-Prize Pic

Amazon Gift Cards Just Krazed 10/31
Sandy Hadfield-Forfeited
[email protected]
Windy Hecklethorne-Prize Rec
[email protected]

Breast Cancer Awareness Watch 11/8
Cyndi Franze-Prize Pic

Colors Mystery Giveaway 10/29
Becky Paiva💗-Claimed
Casey Ticer💛-Prize Pic
Tonya Swain💜-Forfeited 

Frogs Love You Keychain Set 11/8
September Ann Fink-Prize Pic

3D Lash Mascara 11/8
Allison HennessyRose Andreoli-Forfeited

King & Queen Bracelets 11/8
Melissa Ann Stacy-Claimed

Bitch Pendant 11/8
Lindsey Keath-Prize Pic

Diffuser Pendants 10/29
Tina Geane-Forfeited

Best B*tches Bling Just Krazed 10/29
Heather Hayden-Claimed

Breast Cancer Awareness 10/16
Krista Leach-Prize Pic
Margaret Karuzis-Prize Pic

Halloween Pendants 11/1
Ackie Welker-Prize Pic

Words of Wisdom Bangle 10/15
Michelle Biba-Prize Pic
Michelle Danton-Claimed

Adorable Slippers 10/19
Nancy Lee Musser –Prize Pic

Survival Bracelet 10/28
Lara Haynes-Prize Pic

Turquoise Bangles 10/15
Emma Alden-Prize Pic

Bling Watch 10/15
Kimberley Mierzwa-Prize Pic

Toothbrush/Paste Holder 10/7
Kristen Walker-Prize Pic

Kids Cleaning Kit 10/3
Marissa Bostonn-Prize Pic

Kids Cleaning Kit 10/3
Cynthia Towner-Prize Pic

Mystery Beauty Prize 10/1 (1 hr mega flash)
Michelle Elliott- 3:50 pm/7:00 pm-Forfeited
Brandi Hecht-7:10 pm/9:20 pm-Forfeited

Halloween Pendants 9/28
Los Browns~Prize Pic

Decals 9/28
Renee Henderson-Gray-Prize Pic
Marlys Rardon-Prize Pic

Adult Mystery Prize 9/26
Just Krazed
Rene White Esbensen-Prize Pic

Choice of Watches 9/25
Jamie Swader~Claimed

Minecraft Mystery Prize 9/16
Belinda Haas~Claunder

Flag Football 9/12
Bobbi Groce-Prize Pic

Cooking Thermometers 9/17
Rita Theresa Widmayer-Prize Pic
Alyssa Newsom-Prize Pic

Basketball Cop Mystery Prize 8/31
Amber Thrasher-Prize Pic

Cute Shirts 9/5
Abbie Guerrero-Hold

Cool B*tch Shirts-Just Krazed 9/16
Janette Keen Lewis-Claimed

Turquoise Bracelets 9/8
Shannon Marie Cherms-Claimed
Jessica Branch-Claimed

Pink Straightening Brush 9/7
Leslie Wilfong-Prize Pic

Red Straightening Brush 9/7
Nikki Bowling-Prize Pic

Adult Mystery Prize 9/7
Just Krazed
Ashley Myers-Prize Pic

LED Tweezers 9/5
Brittney Pritt-Forfeited

Lica Cole Giveaway 8/20
Kimberley Mierzwa-Prize Pic

My Lil Pony Mystery Box 9/5
Jennifer Minton-Prize Pic

Late Peeps Watches 8/13
Joy Engelfeld-Hold

Heart Bling Set 8/13
Debbie Raisor-Forfeited 🙁

Grilling Mats 8/17
Amber Thrasher-Prize Pic

Baby’s Milestones 8/16  Ashley Crawford-Prize Pic

Insulated Totes 8/23
Leslie Wilfong-Prize Pic

Crazy Cool Watch 8/22
Diane Balding-Forfeited

Cute lil Coin Purses 8/17
Allison HennessyRose-Prize Pic1 Prize Pic2

Pokemon Pendant 8/17
Leanna Wallace-Hold

Organic Facial Lotion 8/17
Brenna Sterling-Prize Pic

Polo Club Contour Pillow 8/16
Stephanie Caliskan Young-Prize Pic

Facial Serum 8/15
Heather Hayden-Prize Pic

Beauty Box 8/15 Marissa Bostonn~Prize Pic

Sewing Kit 8/14 ~7pm (Mega 1 hr)
Mary Moore-Forfeited 10:23pm  🙁

Loaded Mystery Box-Cooking 8/14
Jennifer Mason-Prize Pic

Puzzle Sandwich Molds 8/14
Ashley Heckman Puckett~Prize Pic

Last Comment 8/11
Renee Henderson~Forfeited
Kristen Walker~Prize Pic

Aloe Color Change Lipstick 8/10
Krista Leach~Prize Pic
Karen Carr~Hold

7 Fun Fashion Ring Set 8/10
Stephanie Womeldorff~Prize Pic

Queen Crown Ring Set 8/10
Marlene Riley Daniels~Prize Pic

Zodiac Pendant 8/10
Kelly Beaupre~Forfeited
Kirsty Redding~Prize Pic

Pretty Chiffon Shirts 8/13
Teresa Wyatt-Prize Pic

Kids Headphones 8/10 Heather Smith~Prize Pic

Food Scale 8/3
Victoria Bowald~Prize Pic

Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale 8/2
Sunney Michelle Johnson~Prize Pic

Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale 8/2
Krissy Leigh~Prize Pic

Pretty Scarf 8/2
Maryanne Hagan Gillis Widmayer~Prize Rec

Fun Sex Dice 8/1
Ellen Brackett~Prize Pic

Watermelon Slicer & Baller
Patricia Morrison Moore~Prize Pic

Lil Chef Set 7/29
Amanda Rae Lynn Best~Prize Pic

Race Car Blocks~Just Krazed 7/29
Megan Rhyne~Prize Pic

Pink Drawing Projector 7/29
Amber Rutherford~Prize Pic

Drawing Projector 7/28
David Horn~Prize Pic

Hello Kitty blocks 7/28
Elisha Souza~HOLD
Danielle Origon~Prize Pic

Late Anyway Watch 7/23
Kerry Copp Chapman~Hold

Burger Stack 7/23
Ashley Suders~Prize Pic

Watermelon Slicer 7/23
Jessica Miller~Prize Pic

4-1 Wine Bottle Tool 7/23
Andrea Botticello~Prize Pic

Nail Dremel 7/22
Bobbi Groce~Prize Pic

BPA Aluminum Water Bottle 7/22
Leslie Wilfong~Prize Pic

Colorful Owl Pendant 7/28
Tasha Shea Knicely~Prize Pic

Boss Bitch Crown Ring 7/28
Teresa Daniels~Hold
Jackie Poole~Prize Pic

Bat Girl Cape/Mask 7/20
Liz Turner~Prize Pic

Playpen Kids/Pets 7/19
Emily Va~Prize Pic

Bamboo Nursing Pads pk 10 7/18
Toni Perkins~Prize Pic

Kids Play Blender 7/18
Shelly Stonestreet Simpson~Prize Pic

Kids Dinnerware Play Set 7/18
Cassie Woodall~Prize Pic

Stroller Hooks 7/18
Tiffany Davis~Prize Pic

Butterly Bling Watch 7/23
Kirsty Redding~Prize Pic

Back To School~Loaded Fun 7/23
Michelle Birtles~Hold

Galaxy Moon Pendant 7/24
Connie Norsworthy~Hold

Think PINK 7/23
Tiffany Kimmel~Prize Pic

Pretty Pink Bling Jewelry Set 7/28
Cindy Burdette Wessels~Hold

Bohemian Pendant 7/23
Chris Nelms Caldwell~Prize Pic

Mermaid Bathing Suit 7/28
Beth Emelander~Prize Pic

Toothbrush Holder/Timer 7/17 Just Krazed Tiffany Becker~Prize Pic

Layered Necklace 7/22
Abbie Guerrero~Prize Pic

Water Balloon Fun 7/24
Brittany Marie McQueen~Forfeited

Rainbow Lokai 7/16
Just Krazed Giveaway
Laura Moreland~Forfeited

Heart Bracelets 7/16
Victoria Betancourt-Blough~Hold

Sterno Smores Maker 7/6
Lindsay Lama Gilbert~Prize Pic

Just Krazed~Fun Shirts 8/3
Tammy Moore~Prize Pic

Scarves 7/16
Becky Paiva~Prize Pic

Kindle 10k Giveaway Holly Sewell~Prize Pic

Owls Bling Pendant 7/16
Gypsy Foster~Prize Pic

Loaded Beauty Box 7/6
Sabrina Ann Santwire~Prize Pic

Water Balloons 7/16
Pamela Shawn Deuso~Prize Pic

Christmas July Dress 7/21
Danyel Leigh Walentin~Prize Pic

Kids Cookware Play Set 7/7
Jennifer Keating~Prize Pic

Sun or Moon Pendant 7/2
Bobbi Groce~Prize Pic

Egg Timer 7/6
Jillian Reyes~Prize Pic
Lara Haynes~Forfeited

Natural Stone Beads Bracelet 7/10
Angela Heath~Hold

Stone Quartz Celestial Moon 7/10
Courtney Helfrich~Hold

Cute Raincoats 7/15
Jennifer Kellogg~Prize Pic

Rope Bracelets 7/7
Corina Bloodworth~Hold

Rainbow Watch 7/5
Stacey Hurst Gage~Prize Pic

Pride Bracelet 7/1
Emma Alden~Prize Pic

Kids Bling 6/30
Patricia Henderson Baker~Prize Pic

7 Chakras Crystal Pendant 6/30
Los Browns~Prize Pic

Blue Heart Bracelet 7/2
Stephanie Womeldorff~Forfeited

Owl (trip owls) Bling Pendants 7/6
Melissa Ann Stacy~Prize Pic

Bling Bling Jewelry Set 7/2
Allison HennessyRose Andreoli~Prize Pic
Tammy Moore~Prize Pic

Stone Pendants 7/1
Toni Williams~Prize Pic

Dainty Heart Bling 7/6
Victoria Betancourt-Blough~Hold

Zodiac Pendant 6/24
Candy Nelson~Claimed
Lynda Noack- Cook~Claimed

7 Chakras Pendant 6/30
Heather Smith~Prize Pic

Flag Shirts 6/24
Becky Roy~Prize Pic

Colored Bling Watches 6/30
Just Krazed Giveaway
Nancy Lee Musser~Prize Rec

Cats Eye Pendant 7/6
Marlys Rardon~Prize Pic

5 Pack Fun Baking Molds 6/22
Kassi Krick-King~Prize Pic

Kids Toy Kitchen Aid Mixer 6/21
Aimee Place~Prize Pic

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs 6/20
Kayla Sheehan~Prize Pic

Bluetooth Speaker 6/20
Amber Prince~Prize Pic

Winners Choice Pendants 6/24
Dawn Gnerer~Prize Pic

Batman vs Superman Mystery Prize 6/22
Megan Dyer~Prize Pic

Frozen Mystery Box
Sherrie Saliola~Prize Pic

Bling Colored Watches 6/18
Terri Bowen~Prize Pic

Summer Cardigan 6/18
Autumn Haynes~Hold

Couples Nautical Love Key Chain Set 6/18
Allison Farris~Prize Pic

Harmony Ball Pendants 6/22
Just Krazed Giveaway
Valarie Brodt~Prize Pic
Jessica Massaway~Prize Pic

Cute USA flag tank 6/8
Just Krazed Giveaway
1st winner on 6/8 Cheryl Crain~Prize Pic 🇺🇸 2nd winner 6/19 Mallory Wanless~Prize Pic

Donut Tube 6/5
Just Krazed Giveaway
Jackie Horner Draper Lee~Disqualified

Heart Bling Jewelry Set 6/7
Sunney Michelle Johnson~Prize Pic

Summer Fun~Floats 6/11
Lorri Dockery~Disqualified

Balloon Fun 6/17
Patty Baugh-Wise~Prize Pic

Butterfly Jewelry Set 6/7
Ashley Nichole Busse~Hold
Nancy Lee Musser~Prize Pic

Pocketbook 6/7
Cyndi Franze~Prize Pic

Harmony Ball~Bola 6/1
Elizabeth Kelly Williams~Forfeited
Amie Myers~Prize Pic
Renee Henderson-Gray~Prize Pic
Ashley Suders~Prize Pic
Samantha Kay Miller~Prize Pic

Bluetooth Earbud 6/5
Anna Bass~Hold

Glamour Mystery Prize 6/5
Katherine Luckette~Prize Pic

Victoria’s Secret Mystery Prize 6/5
Tammy Moore~Prize Pic

Novelty Coffee Cup 6/1
Amanda Carr~Prize Pic

Shirt Giveaway 5/27
Phyllis Eckes~Prize Pic

Jewelry Sets 5/27
Cody Flatt~Hold

Furbaby Travel Water/Food Bowls 5/27
Sonja Renee Taylor Millsap~Prize Pic

My Bottle 5/30
Janice Kreider~Hold
Ashley Renee Wright~Prize Pic

Wall Decals 6/1
Nikki Wooton~Prize Pic
Tara Eliza Lipko~Disqualified

Kids Animal Watches 5/24
Danielle Origon~Prize Pic

Blue Tooth Speaker 5/24
Megan Ryne~Prize Pic

Nessie Ladles 5/16
Shelly Stonestreet Simpson~Prize Pic

Swan Ladles 5/16
Stephanie Caliskan Young~Prize Pic

Skull Rose Pendant 5/16
Destini Palmer Mcknight~Disqualified
Mary Jo Reese~Prize Pic

Decorative Fruit Pillows 5/16
Lynn Fields~Prize Pic

Water Bottles Winners Choice 5/15
Mary Newton~Prize Pic

Mystery Garden Gifts 5/16
Rachael Marie Karaffa~Disqualified

Mothers Day Mania Beauty Box 5/10
Ashley Griffith~Disqualified

Knife Sharpener 5/9
Ashley Hall~Prize Pic
Jacqueline Labrie~Disqualified

Sister Set Pendants or Mystery Prize 5/9
Teresa Wyatt~Prize Pic
Danielle Origon~Prize Pic

Fairy Princess Tutu Wings 4pc Set 5/7
Casey Ticer~Prize Pic
Taylor Kurtz~Prize Pic

Mothers Day Mania~Winners Choice 5/3
Jennifer Arthur~Prize Pic
Megan Dyer~Prize Pic

Mothers Day Mania VS Mystery 4/28
Daniela Martinez~Prize Pic

Mothers Day Mania Makeup Extravaganza
Joanne Blacketer~Prize Pic 4/28

Kitchen Gadget Giveaway 5/2
Kimberly Newcomb~Prize Pic
Holly Sewell~Claimed~Prize Pic

Win with/a Friend Molds 5/2
Melissa Roberge~Prize Pic
Diana Roberge~Forfeited

Winners Choice Shirts 4/30
Samantha J Butler~Prize Pic
Steph Lambert~Prize Rec 2x Hold!

Coffee First Shirt 4/30
Janet L. Uribe~Prize Pic

Victoria’s Secrets Mothers Day Mania Round Three 4/22 Lindsay Lama Gilbert~Prize Pic 

Victoria’s Secret Mothers Day Mania Round Two 4/20 Bobbi Groce~Prize Pic

Owl Pendant 4/20
Cheryl Moulton~Disqualified
LaRissa Charisse Goodyear~Prize Pic
Louanne Baelde~Disqualified

Winners Choice Pendant 4/20
Katherine Luckette~Prize Pic
Carol Yemola~Prize Pic
Angie N Dustin Turner~Prize Pic

Mommy & Me Aviators 4/18
Adri Drews~Prize Pic
Tiffany Becker~Prize Pic

Turquoise Elephant Set
4/16 Criscia Baxley~Prize Pic
4/20 Nitasha Shank~Prize Pic

Bling Set 4/16
Hailey Davies~Forfeited
Lauren O’connor ~Prize Pic

Victoria’s Secret~Mothers Day Mania 4/17
Nancy Dyer~Prize Pic

Mommy & Me Anchor Shirts 4/17
Brittni Morgan Wilson~Forfeited

My Bottle 4/17
Nicole Houchin~Prize Pic

Bobble Water Bottle 4/17
SaRenee Hendrix~Prize Pic

Toothbrush & Paste Holder 4/17
Roseanne Gary~Disqualified

Garden Piece(s) 4/14
Tammy Moore~ Fairy House~Prize Pic & Mushroom House~Prize Pic

Lokai win w/friend 4/16
Robbin Maze~Prize Pic
Renee Kinnison Velez~Prize Pic

BK/Paparazzi Giveaway 4/7
Lori Williams~Prize Rec
Jennifer Lang~Prize Rec

Summer Wear 4/13
Rene White Esbensen~Prize Pic

Selfie Stick 4/9
Becky Marie Hull~ Disqualified
Tricia Hedglin~Forfeited

BK/Crafty Side 4/5
Kelly Woods-Camera~Prize Pic
Janelle Carter-Goody Bag~Prize Rec

Necklace & Earrings 4/9
Jerica Faith Beckley~Disqualified

3 in 1 Beautiful Bracelet 4/13
Emma Alden~Prize Pic

Women’s Shirt 4/12
Ruth Wollerton~Disqualified

Girls Cute Outfit 4/13
Marissa Bostonn~Prize Pic

Coloring Book/Pencils Bundle 4/5
Tonya Ulmer~Prize Pic

Paparazzi Swag Bag 4/2
Melanie Vincent~Prize Pic

Fun Molds 4/1
Deena Martin Bailey~Prize Pic
Amanda Saltsman~Prize Pic

Heart Bling Jewelry 4/1
Shirley Scull~Prize Pic
Shannan Hardin~Prize Pic
Mary Dailey~Prize Rec

Butterfly Pendants 4/1
Carol Kretz~Prize Pic
Amanda Lee~Prize Pic

Totes Adorb~Totes 4/1
Lauren Thomas~Prize Pic
Susan Thomas~Prize Pic

My Bottle 3/30
Megan Dyer~Prize Pic
Ally Woods~Prize Pic

Gorgeous Chinese Dresses 3/28
Casset Harris-Wall~Prize Pic

Peppa Pig Giveaway 3/28
Emily Va~Prize Pic

Bling Bling Watches 3/28
Win w/Friend
Victoria Lujan~Prize Pic
Lisa Carlos Sanchez~Prize Pic

18 pk Variety K-Cups 3/28
Brieonna Schepis~Prize Pic

Winners Choice Shirts 3/23
Nicole Stracuzzi~Disqualified

Jeggings Giveaway 3/23
Amber Lynn~Disqualified

Winners Choice Shirts 3/23
Valarie Brodt~Prize Pic

Mystery Beauty Box 3/22
M Allie Webb~Prize Pic

Adult Coloring Book Loaded Prize Pack 3/22
Tammy Moore Grand Prize Bundle~Forfeited
Jessica Vilner-Dunkerley~Prize Pic

Butterfly Giveaway 3/21
Amanda Pippin~Disqualified
Andrea Stripens~Prize Pic

Amazon Gift Card 3/20
Peter Evans~Received

Bling Watches 3/20
Miracle Marie Mcgath~Prize Pic

Butterfly Bling 3/20
Amy Barber~Prize Pic

Fan Friday~Mystery Monday 3/21
Kelsey Brooke Vinson~Prize Pic

BluTooth Speaker 3/17
Billie Voss~Prize Pic

Whatever I’m late anyway Watch 3/17
Mallory Wanless~Prize Pic

Coffee or Tea~Surprise Giveaway 3/11
Barbara Snowbird Wild~Prize Pic

Choice of 2 Snow Princess 3/12
Terri Bowen~Prize Pic

Superman Giveaway Choice of 3 3/11
Sonia Paul Halbrook~Prize Pic

Batman Giveaway Choice of 3 3/11
Brittney Short~Prize Pic

Glow in the Dark Heart/Moon Pendant 3/9
Patty Baugh-Wise~Prize Pic
Tessin Crites~Prize Pic

Bling Heart Pendant  3/9
Shannon Marie Cherms~Prize Pic
Ellie Wright~Prize Pic
Esther D’Agati~Prize Pic

Mystery Beauty Prize 3/8
Bobbi Groce~Prize Pic

Fun Kitchen Gadgets 3/7
Shelly Simpson~Prize Pic
Becky Shephard~Prize Pic
Rosena Scholler~Prize Pic
Melissa Ford-Balliez~Forfieted

Round Town Vinyl Prize Pack 3/5
Ashley Nicole Kitchens~Prize Pic

Walking Dead Prize 3/4
Carla Brashers~Prize Pic
Autumn Haynes~Prize Pic

Med Holder 3/2
Lauren Marie Sloan~Prize Pic

Fun Kitchen Gadgets 3/2
Jennifer Arthur~Prize Pic

Fish Pendant 3/2
Danielle Origon~Prize Pic

Stuffed Giraffe 2/27
Shelly Simpson~Prize Pic

Owl Pendant 2/26
Crystal Davis~Prize Pic

Adult Coloring Book 2/25
Stacy Draeger-Brogan~Prize Pic

Stole My Heart Pendant 2/22
Sherry Blamer~Disqualified

Moon & Back Necklace 2/22
Melissa Rardon~Prize Pic & Prize Pic

Boot Cuff Warmers 2/22
Autumn Haynes~Prize Pic

Pink Jewel Cross 2/16
Shay West~Disqualified

Beach In a Bottle 2/16
Joanne Blacketer~Prize Pic

Wish in a Glass Bubble 2/16
Cindy Kennedy Mathes~Prize Pic

Minecraft Sunglasses 2/11
Rebecca Stanley~Prize Pic

Makeup Brush Set 2/10
Jeanine Jones~Prize Pic
Jennifer Alford~Prize Pic

Makeup Brush Set 2/10
Allie Marie~Disqualified

Watches w/Diamond 2/10
Sophy Sorn~Prize Pic
Lisa Carlos Sanchez~Prize Pic 

Mystery Prize 2/9
Ashley Drouillard~Prize Pic

Football Pendant Necklace 2/8
Crystal Zaring Shuler~Prize Pic

Lokai Bracelet 2/7
Mary Newton~Prize Pic
Bobbi Groce~Prize Pic
Tracy Heyer~Prize Pic
Allie Marie~Disqualified

Batman Cookie Cutter+Bonus 2/7
Allyson Oneal~1 Prize Pic

Mystery Beauty Box 2/7
Kayla Sheehan~ Prize Pic

Cool Eyeliner/Brow Pencil 2/6
Crystal Elise~Prize Pic
Kristian Lynn-Aryce Clayton~
Prize Pic

Valentine’s Bath Kits Giveaway 2/4
Brandi Chaney~Prize Pic
Autumn Haynes~Prize Pic

Knit Headbands 2/2
Stephanie Caliskan Young~Prize Pic

64gb SD Memory Card w/adapter 2/2
Ackie Welker~Prize Pic 

Spoon Baking Molds 2/2
Tiffany Becker~Prize Pic
Pamela Hamblin~Prize Pic

Rose Gold Watch 2/2
Jill Broder Rose Gold~Prize Pic 

Jeanine Carlson Silver~Disqualified

Home Decals 2/2
M Allie Webb~Prize Pic
Amber Fawn~Hold

Dead Sea Mud Mask 1/29
Amber Ludwig~ Prize Pic 

Amazon Gift Card $10 1/28
Robbin Maze~Received

Elephant Jewelry Set 1/27
Alicia Flick ~Prize Pic

LED Faucet Connector 1/27
Victoria Divian~Prize Pic
Brandi Swendt~Prize Pic
Lindsay Lama Gilbert~Prize Pic

Winners Choice~Bracelets 1/27
Andrea Marini Walker~Prize Pic

Owl Jewelry Set 1/27
Heather Drymand~Prize Pic

Fish Pendant Necklace 1/27
Tina Geane~Prize Pic
Catherine Tellier~Prize Rec

Facial Mask 1/25
Tammy Cruz~ Prize Pic

Amber Teething Necklace 1/25
Ashley Myers~ Prize Pic

Premium Dead Sea Mud Mask 1/24
Jeska Patt ~ Prize Pic

Always late Watch 1/24
Kayla Sheehan~Prize Pic

Giraffe Stuffed Animal 1/24
Brittany Clouner~ Prize Pic

MY Bottle~Drink Bottle  1/23
Samantha Shell Evans~Prize Pic 

Premium Dead Sea Mud Mask 1/23
Cassie Bruning~ Disqualified

Kids Frozen Bag 1/23
Melissa White~Disqualified

 Dawn W. ~ $600 Cash Giveaway 1/22 

Watch or Leaf Necklace 1/23
Liz Gignilliat~Watch~Prize Pic

Peppa Pig~Win w/Friend 1/22
Tracey Barfield~Prize Pic
Alisha Moore~Prize Pic 

Giraffe~Win w/Friend 1/22
Jeanette Wescott~Prize Pic
Ramona Cecelia Koon~Disqualified 

Galaxy Moon Pendant 1/20
Nazita Andrade~Prize Pic

Winners Choice Shirts & Tie Necklace 1/20
Carol Yemola~Prize Pic
Danielle Jessica~Prize Rec

5 Pack Lint Rollers 1/20
Summer Moore~ Prize Pic
Lori Williams~  Prize Pic

4 pc Deluxe Bathroom Accessories
Natalie Oakley~ Prize Pic
1/20 Giveaway Post
Avonlea Godbolt
Prize Pic
1/19 Giveaway Post

Electric Foot Pedicure 1/17
Kelly Miller~ Prize Pic

Key to my Heart Keychain w/key 1/17
Mariah Chezem~ Prize Pic
Sharalyn Anderson~Disqualified

Glass Heart w/dried flowers Pendant 1/17
Casey Ticer~Prize Rec
Kim Avery~ Prize Pic
Deanne Connors Peters~Prize Rec

Win w/Friend~Choose Prize 1/17
Angie Pope~Prize Pic
Windy Heckathorne~Prize Pic

Round Town Vinyl Decal 1/17
Kati Baker~ Prize Pic

Dead Sea Mud Mask 1/17
Daniela Martinez~ Prize Pic

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle 1/15
Pamela Hamblin~ Prize Pic 

Pacifier Thermometer 1/14
Jillian Reyes~ Prize Pic

Kids Play Cleaning Set 1/14
Laura Bernard ~Prize Pic

Kids Play Cleaning Set 1/14
Jennifer Rawlings~Prize Pic

Amazon Gift Card $10 1/13
Jackie Ladd Allen~Received

Blood Pressure Wrist Monitors
Linda Kuhel Jones~1/13  Prize Pic
Kassi Krick-King~1/13 ~  Prize Pic
Jessica Hedgecock~1/12  Prize Pic 

Win w/Friend~Kitchen Gadgets 1/11
Kelly Nelson-Sippel~Disqualified
Lori Nelson-Holland~Disqualified

LOKAI Bracelet 1/11
Jeska Patt~ Prize Pic

Crystal Necklace 1/11
Shiela Wheeler~Prize Rec

Crystal Necklace 1/6
Lisa Rae Daniels~ Prize Pic

Headband 1/6
Debbie Stewart~Prize Rec

Lokai Bracelet 1/6
Kristi Fairfield~ Prize Pic
Joyce Walston~ Prize Pic
Danielle Budka~ Prize Pic 

LED Watch 1/1
Tara Speece~ Prize Pic 

Hair Brush Straightener Stephanie Foy Recieved 1/20 Prize Pic

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