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Elf on the Shelf Ideas


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Here are some things our lil guy has been found doing….

Making Snow Angels

Place a baking sheet out, pour flour move his/her hands & arms back and forth to create the snow angel effect, voila! Leave them there to be found. 😉


Tumble down the stairs in tp, served him right for messing with the TP  if you have stairs the trail of tp goes all the way down the stairs to look as if it really rolled down and they’re just “stuck in it, at the bottom”  😉


Taking a snooze in the tissue box after…eating all my Andes Candy! Drunk on chocolate effect lol! Get a nice rest you lil piggy brat!😂 Place them in the box, tucked in for sleep, surround with candy wrappers


Pigging out yet again on one of my other faves! Lindt Balls grr but I think he may have been sipping off the Tequila too because the next day he was just chillin’ ,”hiding” in flowers as if we couldn’t see him.😜


Awful vain lil rascal, I’m not sure if he was admiring his nice blue eyes or mocking me lol  it did seem like he was always messing with ME & MY stuff lol


One of our faves “Fishing! For Gold Fish!

Just chillin’ on the crockpot with a fishing pole in our big box of Goldfish! I guess he was doing well, he had a few beside him!


All time favorite!!! Messing with my copier! Making all kinds of copies, the BUTT copies were the ultimate lol!


We have so many more but these are some of our personal faves.

Enjoy!!! 🎅🏻❤️  Just KrAzEd ❤️🎅🏻

How to Create a Magical Christmas on a Budget

Here is a great article that includes different ideas on how to make Christmas special for your littles, especially when you are on a small budget.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the material side of Christmas, and I know we as parents want our kids to have EVERYTHING they want! I personally think that creativity is the best gift anyone can give you!
What-to-do-when-Santas-brokeSource Credit:
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~Just Krazed 

Chores A Must~Age Appropriate

Ahhh CHORES!!!

Chore Charts~Do you have one yet? If not it’s a must! We had so many over the years, will post some later.

Consistency~Once you begin, there’s no going back. Most kids can’t wait to start being “Big Kids, The Helpers” however as they get older and recognize these as actual chores they don’t love them as much. It’s your responsibility to ensure they continue their responsibilities and that not doing them is not an actual option.

Each person should be responsible for picking up after themselves. Just because it’s Mary Lou’s day for picking up the living room and dish duty, does not give Sam & Tommy the right to eat Fruit Loops and leave their bowls on the coffee table and vice versa.

Working Together as a family is major.

It’s all a matter of teaching them responsibility and values that they will take with them as they grow as well as a deeper respect living with others.

Praise of a job well done, when they’re small even if they didn’t really do that great. Praise them and either fix it later or kindly say this is great I wanted to just go over this area one more time, let’s do it together!😉

Being rewarded for chores is up to the parent, not all agree on that one and that’s an entirely different topic.  It’s a matter of personal preference. Here are a few links that have more info regarding Famiy chores and age appropriate chores. Also a couple sample chore charts that can also be printed…more to come

Baby Krazed💞





Argan Oil Hair Mask Tips

Love Argan Oil Hair Masks!💞


As promised I am giving my tips on how I apply Argan Oil Hair Mask, this is just how it works best for me…I am not endorsing any specific one as you will see I am just like many have pretty much tried almost everything and found something that finally helped and hope it can help you as well!☺️

I have difficult to manage wavy/curly just plain frizzy hair lol that only looks somewhat decent with a bunch of hair products in it. I don’t have the energy for my crazy ass hair (sorry Anna) so I basically just always have it tossed up in a messy bun because well it’s just easier for me but I’ve since learned that even if I’m not styling my hair on a daily basis it does still deserve to be maintained and healthy, even more so now since I have put it through so much hell over the years with various chemicals, heat damage from straighteners etc. In trying to find things for my hair I’ve used a variety of treatments such as hair mayo, hot oil treatment and other deep conditioning therapies that didn’t work only this does for me.

The first time I ever used Argan Oil not the Hair Mask I applied it exactly as directed, it was a literal nightmare! It made my hair soo gross, it was just greasy and stinky nobody wanted to come near me lol! Yes I tried to get it out I couldn’t! I gave it another chance in a different way but noo it just sucked! Although…it did seem to give me some personal space for a few days so idk now that I think about it I guess it wasn’t so bad lol! I then learned about Argan Oil Hair Masks and thought hmm ok it’s more like a conditioner worst that can happen is it ends up next to my Hair Mayo lol! First time I again applied it as directed just wasn’t too liberal, used it in the shower after my shampoo, rinsed it out thoroughly I did not leave it in as a leave in conditioner! I honestly don’t even understand how others have had success with that but everyone is of course different and as with all things it’s about trial and error to find what works for you.

In any case it just was not the outcome I had hoped for however undeterred and very determined to give this a fair chance I tried yet another method of application, my own this time! I applied it to my DRY hair prior to washing it. I made sure before doing so that I had no hair products in my hair such as hairspray, mousse, gel etc. it was product free but totally dry from my last wash. (not from the last time I used this mask however I wanted to start from total scratch) I applied it to my entire head saturating all of my hair kinda like when you dye your hair no spot left untouched. I then put on a shower cap leaving it on for about 20 min, the time frame was just personal preference as I was doing it for intention of deep conditioning. I then rinsed it all out thoroughly then washed with my shampoo and conditioner as normal. It was perfection!!!! As I said my hair is normally dry and somewhat damaged from years of abuse from coloring, applying heat etc and my hair type in general is naturally wavy/curly yet frizzy so normally after I wash it my hair dries so quickly especially the ends first, I normally need to put products in it for it to look somewhat decent. I am so extremely happy with the results upon my second application, I may not have benefited from applying it in the shower however the method I chose to try the second go has personally worked wonders for me. My hair has never been so healthy, it’s looks and feels so much healthier, softer and not at all greasy, oily or heavy and best of all it is not frizzy! I didn’t even need to put a bunch of chemicals in it to achieve that goal or keep it looking nice. I am so glad now that I did give end up giving it another chance. I use it often usually when I’m doing my facial mask and leave it on for about 35 min give or take a few. I do intend to do an overnight treatment soon. Oh and hair masks smell much better to, they’re not oily like regular Argan oil.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!💞

(no judging the lunch lady look lol)



Ten Ways to Destress Your Day Hour By Hour

10 Ways to Destress Your Day Hour By Hour!


Does your daily to do list look like this?


Making you feel like this???😫


Just first breathe, relax and then if your list is overwhelming your daily routine try to think about eliminating some of the less or not as important things to keep yourself less stressed and overwhelmed each day.😉

Helpful Tips to Destress your day hour by hour: