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Whoa BABY!!!

Emma and Loma had a better chance of winning the lottery than producing yet another set of naturally conceived, consecutive fraternal twins. But things were about to get even crazier…continue here image
Twincidence….I think not! Well, maybe. Ahh I don’t know, you be the judge, set of twins each have a set of twins. Wait now that’s a twin twister, tongue twister haha….continue reading image
Check out this amazing story…HERE image
People post photos of ancestors and descendants in their families all over the internet, and others have marveled at the similarities in the faces. Going back one, two even three generations…here we have an amazing accumulation of images, spitting image! You will be shocked…continue reading and see these amazing pictures image image
In October 1995, a Chicago construction worker was dropping off a load of trash when he heard whimpering sounds. When he looked inside the double-knotted kitchen bag in the dumpster, he was shocked to discover a newborn baby girl left for dead by her….continue reading image

source credit~Littlethings

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