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Moms Lose their Shit, it’s normal.

Do you ever just feel so KRAZED. Wonder if anyone could understand you? Are we alone? No! Do most like to admit when they’re having a difficult time handling life or the general stressors in life? No! It feels like admitting your faults & failures… You know what? We may be moms & wives but God dammit we’re still HUMAN with human feelings, we’re moms & wives but what we’re not is robots! So here I am to admit yeah I’m always generally a bit “krazed” but lately I feel like I’m losing my mind gonna, climb the walls…batshit KrAzY!!! Stress of being a mom is difficult, stress of life in general is difficult, being just so exhausted then…add more undue stress oyy to the vayy. Trying to find yourself again in the midst of it all…ugh beyond difficult. I am here to let you know that if you feel like this, it’s OK! You are NOT ALONE! I just want to run away but I know this too shall pass. Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to run away but I don’t. Many, I refuse to feel bad about my feelings because I’m still here. It doesn’t make us weak. I cry, I have bitch fits sometimes nasty ones. I feel like the world is closing in on me but I know that I am still STRONG! Our “bitchiness”, craziness, melt downs, they won’t take away from how strong we are, it’s called just having a weak moment. I WILL BEAT THIS! We will all get through it and once again feel our “normal” KrAzY again. I promise. Sometimes were tested, not to show our weaknesses but to test our strengths.💞 ~Stacey Baby Krazed

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BBQ Recipe Book Free

It’s grilling time of year! Get this amazing BBQ Recipe Book and you’ll be the biggest hit at all the family gatherings! Yummy recipes for everyone but best benefit of all is they’re all healthy and diabetic friendly.

We verify the validity of all offers we share so we got ours and ohhh wow LOVE IT! Sign up can take a few minutes, at first it seemed like it was gonna be a pain but no it was super simple and let me tell you so worth it! It took me less than a minute. I just breezed right through and now have an amazing 30+ page recipe book that my family & I will really enjoy!❤️

Here’s a lil sneak peek of mine! 🙈🐵 Now GO GET YOURS! 😋 YUMMO!image image


When you first begin it may seem like ugh no thanks not for “just a recipe book” and to be honest I almost didn’t even do it myself but it really wasn’t bad at all, in fac it legit took me less than 30 sec from start to finish and I now have my recipe book.

Since as I said we try to verify the validity of all offers we post we both ended up doing this one. I shouldn’t but I’ll tell you how I got through it so quickly, I’m sure most know while others may not and we really just want you guys to take advantage of this great recipe book while it’s still FREE!

While doing questionnaires depending on what they’re for of course, I personally give the least amount of info as possible to just get to the end. In this case I did just that gave my basic info on the first screen name, dob, email then submit. I hit no thank you, no thank you (on each page after except the final page thanking you do you wish to accept your recipe book) I also never click on any medical conditions as we all know or should know by now that only opens up more crap lol!

You WILL get the recipe book no matter what, your answers will not effect that or make you ineligible. Nor will it benefit you in any way to click that you or a loved one suffers from gout, arthritis and chronic dry!😂  

However, if you or someone in your family does have diabetes…you should consider taking advantage of the current promotion they have going on with this recipe offer!  
Anyone can get the recipe book however upon answering the questions about your diabetes they will determine if you qualify for a NO COST METER w/your FREE BBQ RECIPE BOOK as well as other FREE DIABETIC TOOLS/MEDICAL SUPPLIES so hey can’t hurt to try, that’s a major bonus!










Tru Green Fluffy Green Lawn

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TruGreen determines your lawn’s needs and tailors your plan to bring out your lawn’s potential. They can give you the best estimated figure just by pulling your info up on satellite imaging. Saving so much time and money, that’s for sure!

TruGreen® offers a full line of lawn care services so homeowners can achieve a lawn they love. They range from basic weed control to more comprehensive services such as lawn aeration.

Very nice company! Hubby usually takes care of all our lawncare needs himself but he’s been so busy with work and well us 😉 that he hasn’t even begun spring clean up or fertilization yet so he wanted to look into something like this to get it started. I signed up for the free quote a few weeks ago but had been busy so I just spoke to the guy today (very nice) what I like best, they aren’t pushy at all which is huge to us when it comes to sales! He explained everything in great detail that I asked about but said they would email the quote and I could call or email with any questions again another big thing, email! I generally hate talking on the phone too lol! The quote for aeration and seeding was great, exceeded my expectations. I honestly thought it was going to be much more.

Schedule a call or email today! Do it while they still have all of these great promotions going on, it’s not going to last too much longer. It’s a FREE, No commitment call/email to see how they can possibly help you with your lawncare needs! 🙂