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Release of Frustration!

Honestly, we’ve been frustrated lately and instead of keeping quiet we together decided that it’s time, I am gonna vent it. First, we apologize in advance to the many of you that are probably reading this that it does not apply to. We appreciate that you took the time to listen to my rant and didn’t run away lol. My brain may be Swiss cheese but we are both very organized, we know who is who, this is of course not towards any of you!😉imageHere goes…if you do not plan to, know that you may forget or are not even capable of sharing a photo of a prize that you won from us…do us a favor and DO NOT claim it, it’s as simple as that.
Sharing prize photos is in fact a required action which you know as upon claiming you read the rules stated “I AGREE” (to share my photo) We do a shit ton of giveaways and always follow through on our end please do so on yours! We know damn well, we’d hear from you if we didn’t so be fair and hold yourself to that same standard.
We are currently still owed a lot of prize photos and yeah that obviously bothers us, we spend our own money on them as we are not sponsored! Dont misunderstand, it irks us but doesn’t effect us as we honestly don’t normally give it much more thought once we realize a person most likely isn’t ever gonna share it, were just like ugh how rude but whatever hope they enjoy the one and only prize they’ll ever get from us. We don’t ever want anyone to lose out so we still give people the benefit of the doubt rather than take away their full eligiblity which is why the “Holds” came into play so we could keep track of who still owes a pic and ones coming close to, but not risking potentially getting shafted with multiple outstanding prizes. (As we have in the past as well)
So no the overall outstanding prize photos is shitty but it’s not what’s got our panties in a bunch. Rather the two we recently sent out from two different giveaways. We had to physically ship them ourselves and neither have been shared, they were not typical prizes  but rather made personally and shipped by us. We each took responsibility for one person, personalized them. They were shipped, delivered and not shared!
Anna went out of her way to ensure a very nice, loaded beauty box made it to one. I myself went totally out of my way as well to put together & send a nice very personalized prize. As many of you know I have been going through hell lately with my health, my medical issues raging, constant Drs appts, testing, surgery, treatments etc but I already had the stuff here so Anna couldn’t take over at that point. I had to follow through and began stressing over it on top of my own issues and my time in between my own bullshit is precious! Like an idiot, I made getting that prize out a priority only to be treated like an asshole.
Our time as a whole is just as precious as anyone else’s, we are humans with real lives behind this page but I truly feel that some forget that, not just about our page but all in general. While Anna and I are talking,  we tend to begin making excuses for people but you know what we are done with that. I don’t ever compare my issues, ever! But…if I can go out 3 different times, put a nice prize together and ensure its shipped and delivered in my condition there is NO excuse why a person can’t take 30sec to share it! Anyhow I know, stupid me for putting prizes up there as one of my priorities in the first place but we take our pages as well as our word very serious and I was damned that was getting made which, it was nicely and delivered. My poor daughter even wanted it, I had to say no I’m sorry honey we’ll make you one though. Ugh! Now what’s even more irritating about all of this is that we could have just had simple prizes ordered and sent out direct but in our wanting to make them better and more personal we took this option and still haven’t seen either.
Please, please just always remember no matter where you win from, be kind enough to follow through or do not accept shit. Definitely don’t waste our time, effort & our money to only get dq’d in the end! Those are just two examples of the many who haven’t shared, they are the ones that have us the most frustrated. Don’t even get me started about the sob story girl for pants!
It seems it’s always the prizes we are most excited to see that are never shared. I honestly don’t know if it’s sense of entitlement issues or some just have no freakin clue and shouldn’t enter giveaways to begin with but, that’s just my opinion. Maybe a bit harsh but hey the truth usually is. If you want sugar coated bull shit, I’m definitely not the right one to come to.
We’ve both been on the other end many times, we’ve entered and won giveaways and always shared photos with a thank you even when not required, thats why it’s just baffling to us because neither of us could ever imagine not doing so, it’s for one just the right thing to do when receiving a free gift! In this case it is also a requirement. Instead our gift is accepted while we’re just given the big fu🖕🏻…real nice!
We still refuse to let the bad eggs ruin it for us or those who do know how to follow very simple rules, in this case just one simple rule lol We love doing giveaways but only for those that truly appreciate it. We don’t really know how to differentiate, since we try to be fair this is the result. We will however no longer send friendly reminder emails to help keep you eligible, wth is the point? We shouldn’t have to and won’t. We don’t want to fall into the same situation again later anyway and it’s just been creating more work and frustration for us. So fine…don’t share but also don’t expect us to ever send another prize your way and don’t act victimized or excluded as you did it to yourself! We tried and we’re done. We are also considering nixing “Holds” as we feel that was even much too lenient and kind on our part. Pages normally do immediate DQ’s for this exact reason whereas we’ve tried to give more leniency, understanding that life happens but honestly that’s bullshit too you can enter, win, claim and accept it you can damn well take the 30 seconds to post a picture! There’s no excuse, and no contact is even more ignorant. We’ve been shown by some that our time has no value means nothing and we are not worth 30 sec or less of theirs, so be it they will no longer get another second of it.
Ok…deep breath, in then out…awesome I’m good now.😉 As of right now we still have not dq’d anyone…just yet but trust us when we say it’s coming if we don’t see prize photos within the week (again from those who have their prize but haven’t shared, they know who they are). Once again we’re trying to help and give the benefit of the doubt but this is a final warning! We will no longer send reminders to anyone and once that week is up…we’re done, the hammer is coming down and DQ’s begin.🔨

2016 Winners List

We like to keep things light & fun but we’re not idiots and will not be taken advantage of by anybody. We also won’t change who we are or what we do, just who is involved in it in the future. Any questions about this please don’t hesitate to Email Us
Thank you! Stacey & Anna Baby Krazed

Giveaway Rules

imageNamaste Our Bitches


Mother’s day – HEADS UP!


Hey, Krazies!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we are excited to announce that Baby Krazed will be organizing a series of Mother’s Day themed giveaways!


If we could, we would gift each and every one of you lovely ladies : mothers, grandmothers, aunts, babysitters, mother figures, that one friend who always has your back. Because all of you are deserving, we will do things a bit differently for these giveaways. The Mother’s Day  giveaways will NOT be random! For each giveaway me and Stacey will hand pick our deserving winners.


To be eligible to win, you MUST follow the directions on each giveaway. But also, we would really love to get to KNOW YOU. So, don’t be shy to interact with us. Whether it is by commenting on posts, participating in offers and freebies, posting to our wall … we see it all and we appreciate you taking the time to visit with us! Posts to wall can be anything from funny pictures and videos, crafts you’ve done with the kids, DIY ideas, recipes…. you name it. Go wild! When it comes to the offers and freebies we post, we do monitor those closely too. WE LOVE FREEEBIES! But what we love even more than seeing freebies showing up in our mailboxes, is seeing them show up in YOUR mailboxes! So don’t forget to check daily on our blog or facebook page.

We absolutely love what we do and interacting with our krazies is the cherry on top!Our Mother’s Day giveaways will be going live soon  so, stay tuned and let’s get yo mamas something nice after all…

Mothers Day funny


Stacey and Anna

{Baby Krazed }

MUST READ! Hold on eligibility!

Ok, it’s really not fair that we have had to continue asking for prize pics to be shared nor do we not want to post about them any longer. Badgering or begging people to follow rules is not what we started doing this for. On another note, we also can no longer be as lenient as we have been. Our request for the pic is such a simple one and also very common among other pages that run giveaways, we are definitely not asking for too much at all. We ENJOY giving things away, we enjoy seeing them also it is showing others that we DO send them! With that being said we are posting this to notify everyone that we have been forced to begin running things a bit differently.

We refuse to put a hold on or stop our giveaways as that’s not fair to those who have followed through, the ones who have yet to win and probably very willing to share when they do. It’s definitely not fair to us!

We know life happens, things get in the way, FB isn’t everything yada yada, we know this because we have lives too…surpriseee yes, we are humans with lives off of FB! Once again a post about prize pics is taking away from mine. We have not wanted to DQ anyone which in a way we feel is why our leniency to this rule has/is being taken advantage of.

We have decided, there will now be a “Hold” placed on future eligibility. Please note: This is different than a DQ as it does not make any fan ineligible indefinitely but rather ineligible temporarily until they share their pic so we can mark them as complete.🙌🏻

When will a hold take effect?
A hold will take effect once we know a prize has been delivered for a few days and will remain in effect until it has been shared with us.

How long will the Hold last?
The time frame of a Hold is up to winners. Keep in mind if you’ve won and are sharing upon receipt, you’ll most likely never have a hold put on you in the first place.

I haven’t gotten my prize yet, do I have a Hold? NO! This applies to delivered prizes.

I shared mine, I don’t have a hold do I? NO! If you shared, you were also marked as ✨complete✨ as soon as we shared your prize pic so this does not apply. Keep it up, we appreciate it!

How do you keep track?
We keep a private, internal list of all winners and within that list every step from announcing a winner to pic share is kept track of, it goes like this…

Name/Date/Prize won…
Prize Ordered✔️
Prize Delivered✔️
Pic shared to Baby Krazed✔️

Unfortunately, we have WAY too many Incomplete 🙅🏻

This will result in…
❌HOLD❌ Being placed until photos shared….

Eligibility in our giveaways is and always has been determined by you.

A “Hold” can be changed to “DQ’d” if the photo is never shared or time lapses. We cannot force anyone to share the things we took time, effort and our own money to get to them but we can ensure we don’t do it again.

Plain and simple, take a few seconds to share your prize pics avoid a ❌HOLD❌.

There will be no more reminders.

Thank you!
Much love from Baby Krazed💞

In case you want to read them again or if you haven’t read them at all yet, here is a link to our GIVEAWAY RULES


Baby Krazed ~ please read!

We understand that times are economically challenging for many. With the holidays around the corner it makes it even more so for everyone. You are not alone. We are going to make a request one time for not just now but always as this is something that has personally happened to us and many others that we know! Something that has just happened actually! A friend of ours wanted so badly to help someone who seemed so down on her luck without anything so although she herself doesn’t have much sent her money! Yes, money! Come to find out this person is known for doing this. It was a lesson learned and unfortunately many of us have learned the hard way. So we are urging all especially around this time of year… Please do NOT ever request money, accept money or send money to others. I understand it’s very hard to see someone struggling, although my family is, I still want to do all I can to help anyone when I hear their stories I get that urge but I have to fight it now because for one we can’t help everyone and two I have been on the giving end only to found out that the person was not who they portrayed themselves or their situation to be. I’ve learned the hard way. Now on the other end of the spectrum, we are not saying all people are dishonest of course it’s just best to not open that up at all. It’s also tempting to be offered help, there’s a simple solution, don’t put as much out there. It’s the holidays try to be Merry we know it’s difficult when in a crappy situation but although you   you may not be able to change the situation you can change your outlook, it just really puts a damper on others and then we hear it from people asking why this person has to say such & such on everything etc. I do understand it from both sides, we want it to be open for all to be open and vent however it can make things awkward for those who are excited feel as if they have to be limited in what they say. This is not being put out to be the “grinches”, we are saying this to protect all, we LOVE the holidays and we will posting many more things up until Christmas. I personally just love Christmas, it’s not about gifts it’s the season itself and the spirit of it that I love.

We will give any advice to help anyone that needs it, we will even help find resources with you if you give us your city and state. Just please don’t make a mess where a mess doesn’t need to be, we’ve seen it happen. As I have stated we and others we know have huge hearts and have personally been effected by people that knew how to take advantage in person and over the Internet. It’s extremely hard to not want to help everyone even when you don’t have much yourself but you have to keep in mind that you don’t really know them! This is not directed at anyone, it’s just that time of year and was important information.

Thank you!!

Baby Krazed