Elf on the Shelf Ideas


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Here are some things our lil guy has been found doing….

Making Snow Angels

Place a baking sheet out, pour flour move his/her hands & arms back and forth to create the snow angel effect, voila! Leave them there to be found. 😉


Tumble down the stairs in tp, served him right for messing with the TP  if you have stairs the trail of tp goes all the way down the stairs to look as if it really rolled down and they’re just “stuck in it, at the bottom”  😉


Taking a snooze in the tissue box after…eating all my Andes Candy! Drunk on chocolate effect lol! Get a nice rest you lil piggy brat!😂 Place them in the box, tucked in for sleep, surround with candy wrappers


Pigging out yet again on one of my other faves! Lindt Balls grr but I think he may have been sipping off the Tequila too because the next day he was just chillin’ ,”hiding” in flowers as if we couldn’t see him.😜


Awful vain lil rascal, I’m not sure if he was admiring his nice blue eyes or mocking me lol  it did seem like he was always messing with ME & MY stuff lol


One of our faves “Fishing! For Gold Fish!

Just chillin’ on the crockpot with a fishing pole in our big box of Goldfish! I guess he was doing well, he had a few beside him!


All time favorite!!! Messing with my copier! Making all kinds of copies, the BUTT copies were the ultimate lol!


We have so many more but these are some of our personal faves.

Enjoy!!! 🎅🏻❤️  Just KrAzEd ❤️🎅🏻

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