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We understand that many fans are so used to entering giveaways on various pages that some either do not read all of the rules for each giveaway, maybe just skim or even get them confused. We have decided to highlight the main rules as they will for the most part stay the same with each giveaway listed! To enter and be eligible to win & claim ANY prizes on this page you MUST read all of the rules! By entering and accepting a prize from any giveaway, you have accepted these rules. Upon claiming you will now be required to read them and state that you have read & agree to them in the email.

All are equally important but we’ve been having an issue with people understanding some rules so please be sure you do so prior to claiming a prize from us. If you know you will be unable to follow through on sharing a pic, just don’t claim as its always better to forfeit one prize than to get disqualified from all future prizes.

Please Note: Winners MUST read all instructions carefully and take their time claiming, ensuring ALL requested info is provided. We will no longer accept nor request missing details. ALL info must be received within the 24 hour time period (or 1 hour for Mega Flashes) or prize will automatically be forfeited.  

Please allow “up to” 8 weeks for delivery (12 wks during the holiday season Sept-Feb)

Winners MUST share a photo to our FB page upon receipt.


1.) You must be a fan of BABY KRAZED to enter & WIN! *Eligibility will be confirmed
We understand it is possible to enter any giveaway without being a fan but that is our rule for eligibility and it must be followed. If you enter, win and THEN like the page you will be disqualified and your prize forfeited.

2.) Winners please allow (up to) 8 weeks for delivery!  (12 wks Oct-Feb)

A majority of our prizes will arrive more quickly than that,  we give the time frames to leave room for processing, & shipping plus any unforeseen delays, shipping errors, holidays as well as any possible delays on our end while ordering due to emergency, illness etc. Please keep in mind holidays are always busier as we learned last year at Christmas time. Due to that we’ve decided to ask that you give “up to” 12 weeks October-February.

We ask that if you have won, please be patient. We have been very clear about this and will no longer tolerate or respond to inquries asking when a prize will be delivered or stating “it hasn’t been delivered yet” while still within the 8 or 12 weeks, we will also assume you haven’t read and in fact don’t agree to our rules and you will be ineligible from winning future giveaways.  This may seem harsh however we have gotten quite a few emails not even two weeks after and are finding ourselves on repeat. We are extremely organized when it comes to this if we find out or even feel there’s an issue it will be corrected immediately our winners have and will always get their prizes!

*It is also very important to note that on occasion some winners “may” get their prizes before others who may have won after. We now use a variety of vendors to include all of our fans Worldwide! Where it’s coming from and the shipping method we are able to choose is a major factor which is why we give that general time frame to all prizes.

We are NOT respsonsible for replacing any prizes not delivered due to us being given the wrong address when claiming so be careful. We save all emails to confirm in the case this situation arises.

3.) IF you have won a prize from us! You MUST come back to our FB Page to share a picture!
Simply post a picture of it direct to our page. (Amazon Gift Codes & Adult Prizes are the ONLY exclusion to this rule at this time, you can still post that you received it but are not required to post a picture for obvious privacy reasons. ) This is how we update our winners list and you stay eligible for future wins.

*If you WIN and do NOT post a picture with a quick note saying you received your prize~you will first be placed on a HOLD which after time may result in being disqualified from any and ALL future giveaways! If you have won a prize, all we ask is for in return is a photo to be shared to our page please follow through on your end as we followed through on ours. Not only do the fans like to see the prizes but we do as well! We love seeing the prizes that we’ve gifted! We also want to note that WE pay for these prizes out of our own pockets. Although we occasionally sponsor other pages to help promote them, our giveaways are not sponsored. Also we do not sell and/or manufacture these items, if something is wrong with it we will do our best to get it resolved but again we do personally pay for them so please don’t take it out on us and think that it is fair to withhold photos on an item you won from us for free, our hearts are in the right place and as I said we will always do what we can to resolve any issues. Same goes for if you receive a prize that you just “don’t really like”, that’s fine too it can always be gifted to a friend, family member or donated to someone in need since it was once again free to you, it’s not necessary to state your dislike in any way just give it away someone will like it. Prizes are not allowed to be sold, we do not do giveaways for anyone to sell the items. If you are caught selling them you will be dq’d and banned from our page, we want these things going to people that want and/or need them not just looking to make a profit. When we promote other pages/co’s, our giveaway rules still apply.

4.) IF you win you MUST claim within the time frame specified. Most Giveaways are 24 hours to claim, unless otherwise specified. (Ex. Mega Flash Giveaways are 1 hour which will be stated) If you win, just get your email in and claim right away to avoid prize being forfeited.

Any winner claiming after the specified time given will not be accepted, after the deadline the prize is automatically considered forfeited! We do not email winners back, so if we don’t reply that does not mean we didn’t get your email. We post ✨Claimed✨ in the specific giveaway winners announcement, that is one way you can confirm we received your email as we never mark Claimed unless we have.

Another way is to check our Winners Page located here on our website. We update the winners list as soon as possible. It will show the prize name linked direct to the giveaway, winners name(s) then ~claimed once we receive the email.  Once the prize photo is shared to our page we then link it to the winners list and change claimed to Prize Pic. You can click it to see the photo. Any other way other than how we say to claim a prize will not be accepted, winner not marked as claimed and could result in winners prize being forfeited. Again something we had been lenient on in the past but must follow through on.

*Super Mega Flashes aren’t as often but they are usually the quick giveaways and may last anywhere from a few minutes, hours to days. They can poo up at any time, close at any time. Winners must claim immediately.

5.) This should go without saying but…there will be NO bad mouthing winners or complaining!
We are trying to run a drama free page and just want give to others. If you did not win a specific giveaway trust’s ok. We do a TON of giveaways almost on a daily basis, many times we have multiple winners or bring back popular prizes so there are always plenty of chances to win! However…IF we do find out any winners have been messaged/harassed by a fan for simply winning one of our giveaways that person will immediately be banned from the page! IF we begin feeling harassed in any way from any fans also if any insinuations are made via message or in comments we will not bother to respond, that person will just be banned. Again we love giving to others but prefer giving to our actual fans who like our lag in general. If you want to leave the page just because you didn’t win a giveaway, that’s fine but keep in mind we run several at a time so you risk losing out on those as well. Sounds silly but we see it happen a lot.

There is NO limit to how many times our fans can win. If a fan has won a giveaway they are still eligible for ALL open giveaways so if they do happen to win another one whether it be back to back or the following week, month etc that’s their luck. We will not be questioned or harassed and we will not tolerate any of our fans being harassed over it either. Every single fan has the same exact chance to win and…it costs nothing to enter and is not appropriate to complain or be so open of your disappointment!

6.) NO POSTING ANY LINKS TO OUR PAGE OR SNEAKING THEM IN COMMENTS! Many others are trying to win the same giveaways so to be fair to all we don’t allow any referral links. Just as many are in the same situation or worse financially so we don’t allow donation pages to be posted. We try to help as many as possible with things but we also want to keep things at an even keel. Thank you!

7.) JUST HAVE FUN! We try to run a very fun, loving and drama free page! We love to see your posts to our page, we love all of the interaction, people being silly, laughing, friendships being made and our goal is to just bring and see happiness! Please help to keep this page fun, kind, caring and loving!


From now on we will assume that any and all giveaway entrants have READ, FULLY UNDERSTAND & AGREE TO EVERYTHING stated here! If anyone breaks any of these rules they will no longer be eligible to win and may be banned. 

If you have any questions that were not answered here or just need to contact us please feel free to send us an email [email protected]

Thank you for your support! 💓 Stacey & Anna Owners, Publishers and Authors of BaBy KrAzEd

Our Giveaway Rules here were first published *Nov 2015 *Updated Feb 1,  2016 *Last Updated on October 25, 2016


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