High Dose Biotin Protocol

✿ High Potency Biotin Protocol is brought up often so I thought I’d make a detailed post.

• I personally use this Protocol in addition to my MS therapy, not instead of.

HD Biotin, Bio Flora Probiotic & Alpha Lipoic Acid w/extras pictured. (100,000mcg = 100mg)
HD Biotin (single bottle)

❅ HD Biotin Study 300mg daily (based on PPMS) besides hair & nail benefits it has shown that 12.6% of patients given the high-dose Biotin showed improvement in disability on either the EDSS score or a timed walk. (None on the placebo had improvement.) It also had positive results on patients with visual loss in the MS/ON (Optic Neuritis) study.

❅ Alpha Lipoic Acid study 600mg daily (based on RRMS/SPMS) has shown that it may alter the behaviour of certain immune cells preventing them from entering the central nervous system. This could potentially stop the immune cells from not only attacking and damaging myelin but also reverse damage.

❅ Bio Flora Probiotic intake (based on MS patients) had proven to improve gut health but studies have also found it to improve EDSS ratings as well as depression, anxiety and stress values in MS patients. May ease severity of Multiple Sclerosis.

*I am only sharing information that I have gathered during my own personal research, I am not a Biotin expert or representative. This is not a cure, just an extra weapon in our daily fight. Results may vary and as always…please consult with a physician prior to adding anything new to your daily regimen, even supplements. ♡ Stacey


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