Mommmm…I NEED YOU! What’s this, that, how do I, can you guys…I miss you so much LOL

So funny, SO true lol!!! image

With 3 teen girls 18, 16 & 13 this is more true for me as the mom, I hear this stuff all of it time literally ALL of it….ALL of the time lol!😂

We’ll always be here for our pain in the behind twits, I’ll always answer any and all of their crazy questions. After all aren’t we the ones that taught them “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”.

This is hilarious and soo very accurate! I LOVE the end the most! We always told them, you WILL appreciate us someday, maybe not right away but someday you will lol! We have 1 away at college now realizing it all lol

If you still call your mom for everything or you are the mom being called for everything you are going to loveeee this too lol☺️


The Baby Krazed💞

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