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High Dose Biotin Protocol

✿ High Potency Biotin Protocol is brought up often so I thought I’d make a detailed post.

• I personally use this Protocol in addition to my MS therapy, not instead of.

HD Biotin, Bio Flora Probiotic & Alpha Lipoic Acid w/extras pictured. (100,000mcg = 100mg)
HD Biotin (single bottle)

❅ HD Biotin Study 300mg daily (based on PPMS) besides hair & nail benefits it has shown that 12.6% of patients given the high-dose Biotin showed improvement in disability on either the EDSS score or a timed walk. (None on the placebo had improvement.) It also had positive results on patients with visual loss in the MS/ON (Optic Neuritis) study.

❅ Alpha Lipoic Acid study 600mg daily (based on RRMS/SPMS) has shown that it may alter the behaviour of certain immune cells preventing them from entering the central nervous system. This could potentially stop the immune cells from not only attacking and damaging myelin but also reverse damage.

❅ Bio Flora Probiotic intake (based on MS patients) had proven to improve gut health but studies have also found it to improve EDSS ratings as well as depression, anxiety and stress values in MS patients. May ease severity of Multiple Sclerosis.

*I am only sharing information that I have gathered during my own personal research, I am not a Biotin expert or representative. This is not a cure, just an extra weapon in our daily fight. Results may vary and as always…please consult with a physician prior to adding anything new to your daily regimen, even supplements. ♡ Stacey


Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Understanding MS therapies and the importance of staying on it. Treating your MS is of course a very individual and personal decision that should never be judged but education is key as there are many misconceptions. Course Therapy Info

Such as this common one…”I still feel terrible and I’ve had some new/active lesions, it’s not working so I might as well just stop taking it.” In reality, your MRI could’ve been 10x worse had you not been on a dmd.

1) Must allow at least 6mo-1yr to recognize the effectiveness of your dmd.

2) It’s common to develop a false expectation, believe that in order for the medication to be working we must “see/feel” results. In fact, the opposite is true. They work in the background but often times symptoms become permanent from the damage so other medications may be needed to treat the symptoms themselves. However it is possible to actually “feel better” while on therapy, it’s not a guarantee as everyone reacts differently to treatment.

3) It is important to realize that not seeing an “increase” in relapses means your DMD is most likely effectively treating your MS. Educate yourself on DMD options before making any decisions.  

4) Knowing the difference between true relapse vs symptom flares or pseudo flares.
• With a true relapse there is lesion/disease activity (detected via MRI. With a symptom flare there is typically no lesion activity, disease progression. More info here  

5) Having a relapse while on therapy does not automatically mean that your therapy has “failed” you. DMD’s are meant to slow disease progression, reducing relapses means lessening not stopping altogether, that would be closer to a cure which we do not have just yet.

6) Your physician will need to do an assessment to determine patterns, lesion activity, history of relapses as a whole all of that information is taken into consideration when determining if a patient should in fact begin Solumedrol iv steroid treatment or Acthar Gel  (self injection steroid therapy) and in fact a possible dmd change. *Don’t get discouraged and/or make any decisions without first consulting with your Neurologist.

7) When deciding which DMD is the best (for you), your Neurologist will use your medical and medication history as well as your most recent MRI results and labs. With their assessment they will typically recommend a few options to consider from out of the current 15 approved therapies.

8) It’s your call at that point which one you decide to put into your body. They will give you literature to go over, also be sure to do as much research as possible on your own. While it’s also great to hear about others personal experiences and/or opinions, be sure to keep in mind that no two patients are alike so don’t put too much weight on them. We have try them for ourselves and we must go in with an open and positive mind, sometimes it can make it that much harder when you hear how negative it was for 30 people and positive it was for 30 others.

9) There is absolutely pain associated with MS. Muscle pain, nerve pain etc  MS PAIN don’t let any physician make you feel crazy.

Ice, Heat, Massage, Topical lotions, pain meds, anti inflammatories, muscle relaxers & MMJ is very helpful.   

Topricin “Heaven in a Jar” 


Types of Multiple Sclerosis 

Locate an MS Neurologist

Supplements are great but it’s important to understand they can have interactions with other drugs and conditions as well. Always consult with your physician before starting or adding to your daily regimen. They may need to draw labs to check levels prior to starting vitamins such as Vit D3, B12, iron etc to ensure the proper amount is taken as there is a such thing as too high which can be toxic.

High Potency Biotin Protocol for MS *speak with physician prior. A study was done and has shown that High dose Biotin (300 mg daily) can be effective in helping to not only slow disease progression but also repair/reverse some of the damage. It has shown efficacy in patients with progressive MS, acting by increasing a route of cellular energy production, protecting against the breakdown of nerve cell axons while also activating enzymes that are setting the pace on myelin repair. *as with anything, results will vary.  

Recommendation: High potency Biotin 300mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg & Bio Flora Probiotic. I have found this 3 pack kit to be the most efficient and affordable. The combination has proven to be good for MS damage, symptoms, repair, pain, healthy gut and more.

If you only want to try High dose Biotin this is sold single, high dose 100k mcg=100mg x3 300mg

*dosage is also personal preference, 300 mg is only the recommended daily dose for the high dose protocol. Be sure to check the mcg on the bottle prior to purchasing, 100mg capsules are 100,000, if you get less you just have to take more pills. 

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*Disclosure: I am not a medical professional, my knowledge is from being a patient. Any information is from my own personal experience and/or collected from legitimate sources. I do not earn any money by posting the links within this article, it’s for ease of the reader to do further research as needed. 

Fighting MS shirts!

Starting a new MS therapy

I have been on quite the journey in treating my MS, over time I have tried and failed many forms of treatment. Although I suffer from a more aggressive form of MS and my options of treatment have only become much more limited over time but I haven’t given up hope that I will find one that works. I have been on Copaxone, Rebif & Avonex when I first started out about 12 yrs ago. Upon becoming paralyzed my drs admitted me and tried Plasmapheresis (blood exchange) it was successful! I was carried in but walked out in the end. When it hit me again not even a year later I was brought back in where they surgically placed a permanent line called a Tunneled Vascular Catheter in my jugular vein, we would be performing Plasmapheresis more often as needed. Shortly after placing my line and beginning this very aggressive and more intensive procedure it was decided that I would begin doing it monthly as a maintenance. I was termed “chronically symptomatic” and they felt it was the best approach. Although my lines didn’t always hold up and I required multiple surgeries to replace them it was in fact my best decision for my disease, the only thing that slowed it down. I remained on that therapy for over 7 yrs until I was no longer benefiting from it. Talk of replacing my line and becoming even more aggressive with it was happening but o wanted to move on, give my body a break. I had it removed and finally decided to give Tysabri a chance. I had to stop allowing my fear of what ifs control my decisions. About a year ago I went down the Tysabri path, it was not effective enough for me. Where do we go from here? My team of Drs were stumped but luckily a new drug intended for PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) *types of MS was released to the general population after 6+ years in trial. Now my first thought was NOPE, No ty! I don’t take newly released meds for at least a year if not longer. I was left with this, I don’t have the luxury to wait. I of course can do what I want but it was not advisable for me to wait it out. So I’m going down the Ocrevus path. I signed up and was approved instantly, I did a 6wk washout and will be getting my first half dose June 14th. The first 2 doses are half doses 2 wks apart to get my body used to the drug. After that one infusion every 6 mos. in between my Drs decided I will continue Acthar Gel Injections to help manage my symptoms, I have yet to experience stability of my MS on a DMD but an hopeful it can and will happen it may also be the answer for my Lupus as well. I am nervous but mostly so excited to continue adding to my journey, I will continue living life to the fullest and as positive as possible. ♡

With the support my family, I can do anything and because of them & their love, I will do everything.

 My Journey 

Walk MS 2017

Watch how this Wellness Expert Uses Revolutionary Stomach Technique To Stay Regular

Do you have regular bowel movements? You may think so but…it’s possible you don’t at all. Work out your belly to a clear tract.  “What’s all the weird “tummy tucking” about? Its a technique called “Nauli,” a yoga exercise that aids in cleaning the abdominal region. Yeah it looks like she has a growth rolling around in her belly but I can absolutely see how this works!
Essentially by using these muscle movements, you give your digestive organs and small intestine a massage with your abdominal muscles. While, at first, it may look as easy as sucking in your stomach, Nadya shows us that this technique requires practice, although she says it only takes about two weeks for most to get it.

image image

Watch the video as she contorts and moves her belly in ways you’ve probably never seen before! I will be working on this for regularity but also to help tone up my belly!!! Yeah baby…. watch her crazy moves here now 


Source Credit~LittleThings

Important! She’s NOT pregnant!

Shes in pain, feeling pressure and she looks about ready to pop. Ok soo it looks like labor, sounds like labor yet the only problem is that….she’s NOT pregnant!!! image
She’s been like this since she was 13yrs old!! If I didn’t personally deal with this, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.  Read the full story and watch the video here 


Source Credit~LittleThings