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Laundry Schedule

Do you feel like your “ball & chain” is actually your washing machine with all the laundry you do? Does Mount Washmore appear in your home if you skip even just one dat? If so, it would most likely benefit you to create a laundry schedule or tweak your existing one.

We are a family of 5 that had always just done it as needed which well hasn’t been working too well for us because that can also be taken as, don’t do it if you don’t need clothes lol. Anyway we always end up with too much laundry and with 3 teenage daughters we were finding much of it wasn’t even dirty but ended up mixed together either from them falling behind or from their lil morning fashion shows before school but once mixed up it all needed to be done over which is frustrating and such a waste of time and money. They have been responsible for their own laundry since they were very young however rather than getting better at it over time…they got worse! Our home was finally just becoming piles upon piles of laundry clean, dirty and ahh hell nobody knows lol.

The worst part is when you want to beven a laundry schedule/routine but have already fallen so far behind that catching up begins feeling hopeless with no empty basket in sight. I tend to get very overwhelmed when I feel things are out of control or I’m buried by things that shouldn’t have gotten that bad. Now with only one washer and dryer you can only go at their speeds not your own pace, laundry is one task you can’t just “get done quick”.


There are many things you can do to resolve this issue. One common thing that most try is doing laundry in between other daily tasks, that way you aren’t just “watching water boil” so to speak if you’re keeping busy. Another simple solution that I am personally fond of is to gather all of it and take it to the Laundromat where you can do all the loads at once, yes I know that sound tedious as well as not as cost effective when you own a washer/dryer however if you do get into the rut of falling that far behind and trust me it does not take much to get lost in Mt Washmore… Then the laundromat is truly the simpler of solutions and when it comes down to it is not as costly and is great for time management. Many places also now have drop off services for same day wash/dry/fold, some for only a few cents more per lb for pick up/delivery as well and it’s honestly not any more than paying and using the machines, surprisingly it’s very reasonably priced and best part is ALL the work is done for you! My husband and daughter recently got our family caught up and although I told him to just use the service he chose to do it himself to save a few bucks. In the end it did not save any money and was more time consuming only because the dryers were crap and had to be turned back on so many times. Hey, don’t worry he still got the credit for even doing it at all though. 😉 😉 

The laundromat is not a permanent solution of course, once caught up it’s best to try and be proactive and stay on top it, that’s where not only creating but enforcing a laundry schedule comes in handy.


Ask yourself these questions to know what will work for your family.

1. How Many Loads Of Laundry Are You Responsible For In A Week?

2. How Often Do You Have The Opportunity To Wash Laundry?

3: What Types Of Things Need To Be Washed, And How Often?

4: Do You Like Or Hate Doing Laundry?

There are no right or wrong answers. You really just need to be honest with yourself about what will work best for you and your family.

You may at first have to play around with it a bit to find what really works. Keep in mind that if you don’t like the laundry routine you created or things change, it’s not written in stone, just start over by tweaking or reworking it to find a better way for you and your family to get your laundry done that does work and leads to a simpler life with at least one stressor out of the equation of life.

Feel free to print this schedule out or create your own. image