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High Dose Biotin Protocol

✿ High Potency Biotin Protocol is brought up often so I thought I’d make a detailed post.

• I personally use this Protocol in addition to my MS therapy, not instead of.

HD Biotin, Bio Flora Probiotic & Alpha Lipoic Acid w/extras pictured. (100,000mcg = 100mg)
HD Biotin (single bottle)

❅ HD Biotin Study 300mg daily (based on PPMS) besides hair & nail benefits it has shown that 12.6% of patients given the high-dose Biotin showed improvement in disability on either the EDSS score or a timed walk. (None on the placebo had improvement.) It also had positive results on patients with visual loss in the MS/ON (Optic Neuritis) study.

❅ Alpha Lipoic Acid study 600mg daily (based on RRMS/SPMS) has shown that it may alter the behaviour of certain immune cells preventing them from entering the central nervous system. This could potentially stop the immune cells from not only attacking and damaging myelin but also reverse damage.

❅ Bio Flora Probiotic intake (based on MS patients) had proven to improve gut health but studies have also found it to improve EDSS ratings as well as depression, anxiety and stress values in MS patients. May ease severity of Multiple Sclerosis.

*I am only sharing information that I have gathered during my own personal research, I am not a Biotin expert or representative. This is not a cure, just an extra weapon in our daily fight. Results may vary and as always…please consult with a physician prior to adding anything new to your daily regimen, even supplements. ♡ Stacey


My tattoo eyeliner experience!

Recently I was discussing permanent (tattoo) eye liner with some other MS warriors. I don’t wear much makeup occasionally I like a lil eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss so it seemed like a great idea, hey I won’t look half dead. Yeah, I was so doing it. Made an appointment for today, I was excited not scared at all I mean hell I’ve been through a lot worse. My only concern however was I’ve never been too good with people touching my eyes, I get super flinchy lol but thought nah I got this! Ok, I’m here it’s a nice place (cosmetic tattoo is more clinic vibe than tattoo parlor). I popped a Valium before coming (just in case). Ok, I’m ready laid back in the chair, it’s pretty comfy for the most part let’s do this thang! She begins cleaning around my eyes…ohh sh*t nopee, not gonna work on Miss Flinchsalot! Ohh man, really trying soo hard but just cannot make my eyes stop. At this point I want to push through so bad but now I’m in my own head….Stacey, for real go home! If you can’t handle a simple q-tip girl, how the hell will you be able to lay here for an hour while someone has a tattoo gun to them lol?! It’s not like you can just “see” how it goes, it’s a tattoo not a sticker! Not to mention the solution she needs to apply will burn and could potentially cause cornea damage “if” you close them! Whaaaat, “IF” I close them?? Ha! I can’t NOT close them. The decision was made, I had to go. Maybe another time but most likely not. On a positive note I got a good eyelid cleaning, came home applied eyeliner (took literally 5 seconds) I began feeling very grateful that I did not go through with it lol, heck saved a lot of money too.  Soo yeah, that was my cosmetic tattoo experience.

Stacey –Just Krazed

Do you have any cosmetic tattoos?

Holiday Anxieties-Its “OK” to not be perfect.

I think many people including myself tend to get more stressed during the holidays and whether we realize it or not social media plays a big part in representing falsities.

img_2352It is so very important to remember that what you see on social media is NOT always a true reality for a person. I myself for example, well I used to be Queen Bee of Christmas, I loved everything about it, all aspects were always on point. I’d have all my gifts bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving, food, desserts etc planned and done. Christmas music blaring and decorating done and done. I had a system and nothing would mess with it. Granted it doesn’t sound as pleasant but it really was I had a ton of jolly mixed in lol it was “my perfect”.

Once I began getting sick many years ago it became much more difficult and little by little just as with everything else I felt as if I was losing part of who/what I once was. Now, I just do what I can, how I can without putting as much emphasis on what was or what others do. I used to beat myself up over it but I’ve had to learn (heck I’m still learning) to just go with MY own flow and I now know it’s OK. 👌🏻 

Back to  social media, I’ve had many people in my life that have been super understanding when it comes to my illnesses vs my capabilities and then there are those that will never truly get it. The ones that will see a photo on Facebook and comment “omg wow you look great, it’s so nice to see you feeling better yada yada”. I never understood that, how do people ones you don’t talk to often even think they can gauge how another “feels” or how their life is going from pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I didn’t know wth was going through their minds until that is…I caught myself doing it. Maybe not to that extent but I still did it. Even the times when I’ve admittedly felt (literally seconds) a twinge of jealousy upon seeing something on social media whether I know them or not and that’s wrong because I don’t know their circumstances. Usually for me it’s as simple as seeing their “clean house” lol.  So yeah, I suddenly realized how easy it is to do.

I do know however that looks in general can be so very deceiving. Heck most times it’s really just all about placement. I’ll be the first to admit that I definitely do not always have a spotless home or one as organized as I’d prefer it to be but I mean I’m not gonna take and post a pic in front of the laundry, pile of empty boxes or stack of dirty dishes lol. Therefore in photos my house “seems” just as great but in reality I made my daughters scooch to the left or edited a pic of myself & hubby to avoid an eye sore lol.

Life wasn’t meant to be perfect, we all have something or another going on. I’m just here to say…ITS OK! Really it is…so just breathe! Relax and enjoy life without adding extra unescessary stress to it.

Should a mess or the fact that your Christmas doesn’t “look” as good as someone else’s you see even factor into your daily stress? Hellll NO! Focus your energy on positive things such as the blessings in life…family, friends etc. 

We are all doing GREAT in our own way! We cannot compare but instead just give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done!🙌🏻

Remind yourself that YOU are doing the best you can and will only improve as you go. You don’t need to be better than anyone, only better than the person YOU were yesterday.😉 You got this!

img_1300 img_2353 img_2354


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