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My tattoo eyeliner experience!

Recently I was discussing permanent (tattoo) eye liner with some other MS warriors. I don’t wear much makeup occasionally I like a lil eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss so it seemed like a great idea, hey I won’t look half dead. Yeah, I was so doing it. Made an appointment for today, I was excited not scared at all I mean hell I’ve been through a lot worse. My only concern however was I’ve never been too good with people touching my eyes, I get super flinchy lol but thought nah I got this! Ok, I’m here it’s a nice place (cosmetic tattoo is more clinic vibe than tattoo parlor). I popped a Valium before coming (just in case). Ok, I’m ready laid back in the chair, it’s pretty comfy for the most part let’s do this thang! She begins cleaning around my eyes…ohh sh*t nopee, not gonna work on Miss Flinchsalot! Ohh man, really trying soo hard but just cannot make my eyes stop. At this point I want to push through so bad but now I’m in my own head….Stacey, for real go home! If you can’t handle a simple q-tip girl, how the hell will you be able to lay here for an hour while someone has a tattoo gun to them lol?! It’s not like you can just “see” how it goes, it’s a tattoo not a sticker! Not to mention the solution she needs to apply will burn and could potentially cause cornea damage “if” you close them! Whaaaat, “IF” I close them?? Ha! I can’t NOT close them. The decision was made, I had to go. Maybe another time but most likely not. On a positive note I got a good eyelid cleaning, came home applied eyeliner (took literally 5 seconds) I began feeling very grateful that I did not go through with it lol, heck saved a lot of money too.  Soo yeah, that was my cosmetic tattoo experience.

Stacey –Just Krazed

Do you have any cosmetic tattoos?

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