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I started Ocrevus!

1st 1/2 dose infusion today, yay! Last 2 nights I pre medicated w/Zyrtec and will do so for the next 3 nights, hydrated with tons of water.💦 Day of-drank more water, arrived at clinic and first Solumedrol is given (partial dose IV), Benadryl (injection) & (2) Tylenols (oral), Saline is run for a bit to clear the line then Ocrevus starts. Slow drip at first, BP & temp are monitored every 1/2 hr. 2hrs in drip speed bumped up. ~3.5 hrs in, still doing great, Ocrevus done infusing!🙌🏻 Bag of saline runs during 1hr monitor phase. 4.5 hrs total-done! Home resting now but feeling well, no negative reactions. *2nd 1/2 dose June 28th. At this time this is my final option, all my eggs in Ocrevus basket.😉 Will update my progress for those interested. Good luck to all! Warrior On!♡

*Update: Day after, I don’t want to jinx myself lol but need to share…I feel amazeee balls today!♡

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* https://www.ocrevus.com/

* https://multiplesclerosis.net/living-with-ms/pricing-ocrevus-means-ms-treatments/