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Funny yet…Speaks Volumes!

One of my absolute FAVES! When I first saw this I thought omg now this is hilarious. There are so many people that post on Facebook and are not being true to anyone, most of all themselves! As time went on and I became friends with many people online this simple funny image suddenly took on a truer, deeper meaning each time I saw it in my camera roll I still laugh at it every time however I also get that pang of ugh! That realization that way too many people are in fact not what they “post” to be.

No, not at all. Sadly too many portray themselves and their lives totally different than what they truly are.  Although I still think this is so funny, it is also such a very true and flat out bold statement! Just because we are online we still have to be wary of those we connect with, bare ourselves to, get emotional attachements to.

The Internet has literally taken over real life communication and is how so many connections are made, friendships, relationships etc. Sadly the emotional attachments come at a cost such as hurt, pained hearts and…memories that you don’t even know what to do with.

Do you grieve the loss of these so called memories? Memories that are based off of lies, unrealistic promises of a friend forever, support you can count on and so much more.

The point is can you really even call that false shit memories? I used to get so hurt by failed friendships, betrayals. I blamed myself each time, being too open, too kind, honest to a fault at times but mostly the feeling of being soo absolutely naive was the worst. However after so many let downs and false memories rather than one can even count, you grow from it. You have to then learn to stop expecting others to be real just because you are, honest because you are. Nope, everyone is different and some have become accustomed to saying what they know you want to hear. We may at times have to learn it the hard way that people are not who they portray themselves but hey as long as we do, we are one step ahead!

Don’t put up a wall against new people, just be more wary and be prepared to walk away from toxicity. Keep in mind toxicity has several meanings, it does not have to mean that person was the devil and soo bad, it can simply mean they are toxic to you and your mental and or emotional health. Take a stand and walk away from that!

Don’t be sad just chalk it up as a learning experience, brush yourself off and move on. Our mistakes or rather misjudgments in life, they do not define who WE are, they don’t reflect on US in any way. No, they are meant to happen and make us stronger and more knowledgable for the future. Stay peaceful, stay kind, stay caring & strong. Never allow others manipulations of reality overcome you. Stay true to you! Everyone has a story to tell, some may just not be as real as others.  ~Just Krazed💞