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Ok so I’m overwhelmed, as many of you may know I suffer from medical conditions that limit my normal everyday activities. One that I never thought they would interfere with is my ability to keep a clean, neat & tidy home.  Along with my other issues I also suffer from OCD so how could that happen right? OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder, common misconception is that everything around us is always perfect. On the contrary, over the last few years my conditions took a turn and spiraled out of control. When I wasn’t hospitalized I was bedridden, the mess does go on though. Unable to organize or clean instead I watched the untidy mess build up around me and struggled instead with worsening of my anxiety. Although unable to physically take care of things I still obsessed over it all. Unfortunately and fortunately (for them) I suppose lol my daughters do not suffer from OCD so they are ok with it all. They used to be so helpful, growing up they had their chore charts and eventually just knew what to do and took care of it. It was a good beginning teaching them values and responsibilities. As they got older however they suddenly forgot how to do basically everything. Suddenly I’m missing flatware, dinnerware, Tupperware, cookware any type of “ware” they took the easy way out and either tossed or hid it! Whaaat? I know tell me about it, it drives me crazy and I wonder 1 where is my stuff and 2 what the hell is wrong with them?? Who does that? Well let me tell you, entitled BRATS that’s who. They’re older, all I started expecting of them now is to just keep their rooms clean. When I say their rooms I mean our rooms we let them use. Our girls are now 20, 18 & 14 we’ve dedicated our lives to them and their well being and happiness but we find out now that they feel they’ve “done their time”. (the “adults” that is) Uhh 🙄 oh boy. Ok ladies, if this is prison to you and helping your disabled mom is so difficult well then hey, your prison terms have ended so you are FREE! Ohh you don’t mean it in “that way” ha of course you don’t. Free room & board, free food, transport etc. right why would you mean it “that way”? Ha so I’m a mom here to say “I am over it”! Over being disrespected and made to feel less than. I literally “DID MY TIME” you bratty adult children. Get your acts together because things won’t continue on this path. I’ve hired people to clean my home, yup with 3 healthy able bodied daughters too I had no choice. This is my life. They will not be booted, they will have access to their rooms and that’s it. I will not pick up after them or pay too either. If you can relate to this, I’m so sorry. If you can’t, hang on tight and express your expectations to your children as it will be in their best interest to not only learn values & responsibilities but to continue them through life. Don’t let your kids walk on you, it hurts.

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Harsh Truths about Sexting with Info every parent needs

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The cold harsh truth! Many kids do it and sometimes you’d think noo, not mine, never mine!! Or ohh no they’re way too smart for that, I raised them right…you know what I’m saying. Well I’m gonna tell you, we have been the most open parents giving our girls the knowledge they need to get by in this cold, scary but still loving world if you just open your eyes to the real and honest people. Kids they just want to fit in, it’s not our jobs to put value on our children but to help them see their own worth. They are worth so much more than this. I can give you a personal factual ratio of how many children will do this no matter what you’ve taught them, no matter what values you’ve instilled in them…it’s 1 in 3! Ironic that I have 3 daughters? No. Sadly that’s how I came up with that specific ratio. Please speak to your children and tell them until they fully understand once something is sent…it’s GONE FOREVER! There is absolutely nothing you can do once it’s gone. They may believe the “id never show anyone, it’s just between you and me, I’ll delete it right away..I promise etc” Teach them NOT to believe the bullshit lines!! Even if they may not be bullshitting, the risk is never worth it! Intimate things such as a sexy lil message, photos and such if ever done should be saved for the person that you know you’ll be with forever. No I’m not some prude or hypocrite that’s gonna spout off intimacy should be saved for who the one you marry but in all honesty I do believe things that you have no control over once they’re gone should absolutely be saved for someone that you’ve been with for long enough, trust with all of your heart and soul. Often times especially in this day and age, children have NO respect for themselves and sharing themselves with one another having no disregard for the consequences or repercussions their actions could cause them and even their loved ones. We know a little girl who is now 14, sadly she began sending photos of herself to someone and was exposed. She was upset from it, possibly even damaged but rather than learn from that mistake she continued sending them with the mindset of what’s done is done it doesn’t matter anymore! YES IT DOES! She is a beautiful young lady who loves modeling, she is even in beauty pageants and I can’t say too many potentially identifying details but she has placed, won a crown. We all know that crowns have been taken away for much less or similar findings because they are representing. It’s not just girls, there is a boy we know that sends photos to anyone! If children have hopes, dreams for their futures they cannot live with the constant worry that their past will catch up to them. Simple solution….don’t do anything stupid that you may have to worry about now or ever!!! If a boy/girl truly likes YOU they will never ask for such things. They need to understand they do not have any respect for you if they ask you to do something to disrespect yourself!! Another VERY scary thing is they don’t even always truly know who they are sending these to! With social media the fbi has already cracked down on so many adults posing as children, the sad fact is they’ll never find them all! Even if it’s not sent direct to one, being out in cyberspace it’s available for ALL kinds!!! Not to mention it is illegal! I will leave it at that. Below is a link for parents to read more as well as know the signs and codes children use these days. Please educate yourself and your children.



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#BabyKrazed 💞

Mommmm…I NEED YOU! What’s this, that, how do I, can you guys…I miss you so much LOL

So funny, SO true lol!!! image

With 3 teen girls 18, 16 & 13 this is more true for me as the mom, I hear this stuff all of it time literally ALL of it….ALL of the time lol!😂

We’ll always be here for our pain in the behind twits, I’ll always answer any and all of their crazy questions. After all aren’t we the ones that taught them “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”.

This is hilarious and soo very accurate! I LOVE the end the most! We always told them, you WILL appreciate us someday, maybe not right away but someday you will lol! We have 1 away at college now realizing it all lol

If you still call your mom for everything or you are the mom being called for everything you are going to loveeee this too lol☺️


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