Watch how this Wellness Expert Uses Revolutionary Stomach Technique To Stay Regular

Do you have regular bowel movements? You may think so but…it’s possible you don’t at all. Work out your belly to a clear tract.  “What’s all the weird “tummy tucking” about? Its a technique called “Nauli,” a yoga exercise that aids in cleaning the abdominal region. Yeah it looks like she has a growth rolling around in her belly but I can absolutely see how this works!
Essentially by using these muscle movements, you give your digestive organs and small intestine a massage with your abdominal muscles. While, at first, it may look as easy as sucking in your stomach, Nadya shows us that this technique requires practice, although she says it only takes about two weeks for most to get it.

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Watch the video as she contorts and moves her belly in ways you’ve probably never seen before! I will be working on this for regularity but also to help tone up my belly!!! Yeah baby…. watch her crazy moves here now 


Source Credit~LittleThings

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